The photoshoot as a gift to myself

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today will be another article for my english speaking readers.

I want to report about the photoshooting with Sherri. She is one of the lovely ladies I got to know through PWN Vienna (professional women’s network). We meet on a monthly basis. Sherri joined me for my studio opening and told me there that she was thinking about gifting a photoshoot to herself for her 50th birthday. What a great idea. In the end Sherri said what convinced her to book, was the fact that I do an interview beforehand to plan the shoot and that I primarily work with women.

Act out the familiar and exploring the unknown

So the two of us met for her consultation and decided that it would be a great chance for Sherri to show her athletic side but as well explore the glamorous side of herself that she never really played out. It was interesting for me to see that she was really confident about her body, she said she always measured up to the body image in our countries (USA and Austria) because of her intensive work in sports but she never cared about the beauty and makeup aspect of our beauty image and that she can still count the times when she wore makeup. So in that aspect we decided that we will start out with the sports side of her and shoot some images while she was practicing her yoga. Going with some natural every day clothing to more glamorous evening dresses. So we really catch the whole variety of Sherri from sporty, every day to elegant.

Another challenge for Sherri was “What to do about my hair?”. I wasn’t really a help there because I always loved curls and wanted to have them myself but I have no experience with the type of small very curly black hair like Sherri’s. Luckily a friend of hers consulted with her about it and found a solution.

After her photoshoot Sherri arrived at home and her younger son was kind of surprised to see her with “so much color in her face”. For her it was also unusual and therefore she wrote an article about the experience. I loved her article about wearing makeup you can read it on her blog.

Some facts about Sherri

  • Sherris life was always around sports.
  • She teaches physical education at the American School in Vienna,
  • is American and
  • has two sons.

Sherris opinion about the photoshoot

The best part about working with Elena is the care she puts into making you feel comfortable not just in front of the camera but in your own skin in front of the camera. She is deeply interested in getting you to be fully yourself without struggling to make that happen.


Enjoy now the final images and have a great week everyone.



The photoshoot as a gift to myselfelena

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