Krisztina combined her two loves Tech and helping others

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Krisztina saw my “30 days of beauty” challenge and applied. We met in a café to talk about her shooting, what she wanted to try out and who she is.

Sitting in front of me I saw a very strong, independent woman who sparks when she talks about tech. But Krisztina told me she wanted the photoshoot as a transformation endpoint for herself, because as a teenager she saw herself as the ugly duckling who took a long time to grow out of that.

To be honest, it was hard for me to imagine that because she is a beautiful and shining person now!

About Krisztina

She studied International Management at WU Vienna, and works now with startups at an incubator in Vienna. She always loved technology and through a lovely accident she ended up working with high tech startups and enjoys it a lot.

She also organizes a yearly conference called Women Techmakers, showcasing women role models in tech.

In her freetime she loves to read non fiction. “I recommend the book ‘How to be a Woman’ to everyone I meet, man or woman. It is hilarious!” During all meetings with Krisztina it was very obvious that she is the helping kind of person. She is very thoughtful and gives you a hand whenever she can. No wonder it is her daily job to help people succeed.

What Krisztina thought about her experience

“I have never done such a photoshoot in a studio before, so at the beginning I felt a bit uneasy, but with Anita doing my make-up and Elena taking the photos while making jokes, I became quite comfortable early on. I loved the experience and I would recommend it to everyone, to at least do it once. It helps you discover new sides of yourself and learn things about yourself.“


Thank you so much Krisztina for being a part of my project, it was so much fun to work with you and hear a bit about your home country (Romania/ Transilvania).

All the best


Krisztina combined her two loves Tech and helping otherselena

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